Democratic reform in local government

The program seeks to enhance citizen participation in local authorities through a set
of initiatives that contribute to developing the legal and legislative structure of local
government in Palestine.
Al Marsad has implemented a number of initiatives in the field of local elections,
-Civil campaign for local elections patrol
Enhancing the participation of youth and women in local elections-
-Amending Local Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 regarding changing the courts
beginning from the elections court.
-Leading the National Election Monitoring Committee and monitoring the 2012,
2013, and 2017 elections, and issuing reports and recommendations to develop the
electoral process.
Contributing to proposing comprehensive amendments to the local elections law-
At the level of local bodies law
Contributing to adopting decentralization in local government in Palestine
Strengthening community participation in decision-making at the level of local
At the policy level
Strengthening community participation in implementing mergers of local authorities
Demanding special courts for local authorities and allocating police to local
In terms of enhancing community participation
-Increase interaction between local bodies and the public and increase transparency
and accountability in local bodies through periodic meetings between citizens and
local bodies.
-Forming youth councils in local authorities to increase and activate the role of youth
in local affairs.
-Building the capacities of youth and women in local government and enabling them
to run for local body elections.
-Contributing to building the capabilities of women and youth members of local
-Strengthening community accountability of local bodies.