Youth and women political participation

It aims to enhance the participation of young people of both sexes in public life
This program was launched in 2010 based on the Arab Citizenship Call, which was developed
by a group of Arab civil society organizations and which focused on the importance of
allowing citizens the opportunity to participate in public space without restrictions, if the
Arab countries seek to strengthen citizenship in their countries.
The interventions carried out by the Observatory since the launch of the program;
-Strengthening community participation in local government, especially among young
people and women
Promoting youth participation in educational matters-
Enhancing the participation of youth and women in formulating any social policies they
Young people with civic initiatives-
-Transparency and integrity are key requirements for the future of young people
Social auditing is a cornerstone for shaping the future of young people-
Voter behavior is key to formulating professional electoral programs-
Local youth councils are an effective way to involve young people-
-Civic education is an introduction to civic work
-Reducing the age of candidacy for local and national bodies is an essential component in
activating youth political participation